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The World’s End Collection is a range put together personally by Vivienne Westwood in which she has selected her favourite pieces from the archive as an antidote to the transient nature of trends. There are styles worthy of repeating over and over again and through the World’s End Collection Vivienne is able to offer her loyal and new fans alike pieces which are her favourites and which they can purchase even after the season is over.

Consisting of Vivienne’s iconic pieces such as the Bondage Trousers and the Pirate top, the collection also introduces one-off styles and ‘toiles’ in calico as well as a series of political slogan t-shirts emblazoned with the Active Resistance or Leonard Peltiers graphics. Vivienne has particularly chosen styles that are unisex and therefore can be worn by boys, girls, men and women. Accessories such as the Buffalo and Pirate Hat also feature alongside badge sets printed with the political slogan graphics for the shopper who just wants to take home a memento of the World’s End shop.

Created with wastefulness in mind, the collection makes use of leftover fabrics and off cuts from previous seasons to minimize the squandering of the earth’s resources. As such, quantities are produced based on what length of fabric is left.  Garments are therefore produced in limited runs and some are unique.  Fabrics combined in one garment are carefully chosen by Vivienne to complement each other and are used until they run out.  This makes each piece a limited edition.

The prices of the collection have been kept as low as possible in order for it to be affordable to as many people as possible.   Vivienne especially wants young people to be able to afford pieces from this line so they can wear her designs even if they can’t afford pieces from her main line.

The World’s End Collection is a fresh approach to fashion as it is not bound to traditional seasonal timings and is constantly evolving as new styles and fabrics are introduced regularly to the store.  The collection never goes on sale as it does not belong to a particular season.

The World’s End Collection is available exclusively at the World’s End store.

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