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Cowboys Square T-Shirt


Special Edition

Item: 205267

Printed upon the square t-shirt, favoured by Vivienne for its Punk DIY aesthetic, the Cowboy print originates from the early 1970s. Sold from Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren's Kings Road shop, now known as World's End but at the time named SEX. This design has now been reprinted for the World's End shop.
Amongst others this image lead, in 1975, to the couple being prosecuted under the obcenity laws for 'exposing to the public view an indecent exhibition'. Later, on another occassion a boy was arrested in Piccadilly Circus for wearing the t-shirt as it was felt that the Cowboy's penises were too large and close together.

This t-shirt is available online and from our World's End Shop (+44 (0)20 7352 6551) in one size which measuring 69cm x 73cm.

100% Cotton

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Size: One Size

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