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VW Naughty Alice Gift Set


Item: 338701

The wonderful world of Naughty Alice is awaiting the recipient of this lovely gift set which contains 150ml of Naughty Alice Velvet Body Veil and 50ml bottle of Vivienne Westwood's new Eau de Parfum around the neck of which is draped a charm bracelet for you to remove and keep. This fragrance is sexy and musky yet comforting; Naughty Alice enlivens the senses and is the perfect example of modern femininity. The fragrance transports you to a sensual dream world where everything is possible and your adventurous curiosity can be unleashed. This chic feminine and provocative new floriental perfume leaves you with a naughty twinkle in the eye. At the very heart of Naughty Alice's perfume is a luminous floriental which dazzles the senses. The modern powdery elegance of black rose and carnal violet is sublimated by the warm sensuality of the ylang-ylang.

This product has not been tested on animals.

70% Glass 20% Liquid 10% Paper


Size: 50ml EDP & 200ml Body Lotion

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