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Vivienne Westwood Red Label supports Reprieve

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 11 Red Label collection showed at London Fashion Week in September 2010 in support of human rights charity, Reprieve.

“Red Label is sporting Reprieve…
Vivienne Westwood has designed a necklace pendant of a heart symbolising hope.What success have Reprieve had with the cases they have been involved with?

Reprieve has secured the release of over 60 prisoners from Guantánamo Bay (including every British prisoner) and we still act for 20 more. This phenomenal number is more than any other NGO or law firm. In addition, over 300 prisoners are no longer facing the death penalty because of Reprieve’s work. We currently assist 60 prisoners facing the death penalty worldwide. One of our most famous cases is that of Binyam Mohamed – released from Guantanamo Bay in 2009 after a transatlantic court battle.

What is Reprieve’s fundamental reason and mission?

Reprieve provides frontline investigation and legal representation to prisoners held outside the rule of law in secret prisons, or on death rows around the world. We investigate secret detention and torture in the ‘war on terror’ – from Guantanamo Bay and Bagram Airbase to new frontiers such as the Horn of Africa – and ensure that wherever possible, we bring these cases to the courts.
Reprieve is different from other human rights charities in the UK: it provides frontline investigation and legal representation to individual clients. Reprieve investigators are deployed around the world to bring to light the facts that can make a difference in an individual case, or expose the frailties of an entire justice system. Then by litigating these cases, Reprieve works on the frontline to enforce human rights principles just when they are most likely to be cast aside by the courts.
Reprieve works around the clock defending prisoners who find themselves in the worst places, accused of the worst crimes, where cases are often aggressively, and sometimes mendaciously, prosecuted and weakly defended.

The Reprieve Pendant comes in silver, gunmetal, gold and copper finish and costs £105. It is also available as a clutch pin for £35. Both items are available to buy in Vivienne Westwood London stores in our online shop.  Proceeds go to Reprieve.

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