The Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Vivienne Westwood Red Label Collection was showcased in the Royal Court of Justice as a part of the London Fashion Week line up.

“With our Red Label we must always refer to Murray Blewett. He has been with me for 20 years or more and knows my archive better than anyone. He has been using these archives to develop the Red Label collection and I think it gets better and better every season. He is an excellent teacher and believes in fashion.
Murray lives near Portobello Road and for this collection has looked to the people that live and work in this area. The market stall sellers and vintage collectors, the fruit and veg men with their aprons, the army surplus stalls, the countryside gentry and the kids returning from nights out. The collection is about London life, and this historical market that draws all classes of our society. It is about Britishness.

Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice through the looking glass’ evokes this feeling of British society and change. This is the mood of the show. Alice and the Red Queen have to run and run and run and the White Queen is dragged through a bush backwards by the strong winds – nothing is still here everything is constantly changing.

I heard on BBC Radio 4 ‘Gardeners Question Time’ a sheep farmer from Wales expressing his worry that he could no longer spend time shearing his sheep as the price of the wool would not amount to the cost of shearing them. This worries me as it shows how unsustainable our way of life is. The farmer also suggested we use the sheep skin as mulch for our gardens – there are many ways it can be used but it seems we are just not using it. My husband Andreas and I believe that in the near future only natural fibres will be considered luxury, and will be in high demand.

The Red Label has always been about using English wool fabrics and knitwear. Be sustainable. Use wool.”
- Vivienne Westwood

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