Gold Label SS 2014

Spring- Summer 2014

I am going to call the show “Everything is connected” because that is the main message of the Climate Revolution and it means that everything each one of us thinks or says or does can make a difference.

Shakespeare saw the disaster we were heading for. In the quotation below it’s useful to know that glass means mirror, the picture it gives us is of man holding up his own image to challenge God.

But man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority-
Most ignorant of what he is most assur’d. His glassy essence- like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven As make the angels weep.

Now that our World is at the chaos point I want to know more about the order of the medieval community. My interest in these people deepens. A couple of years ago I went with Andreas to Canterbury. There was a service in the cathedral and we weren’t allowed in to the splendor of the nave and alter. I’m so glad because instead we gained another experience; we explored the cloisters and vaults within the environs of the building and I felt all along that I was wandering in the presence of ordinary people who lived in a different world to mine and I thought of the specialists- the alchemists of those days who aspired to become more spirit than flesh because they believed in a divine order of things.

Our medieval pilgrims on their journey must be austere, serious and festive each wearing her most important clothes.

Dear clothes lover,

This season I would like to draw your attention especially to the knitwear. I am very fond of it, and if I were a girl, for sure it would be my absolute must have. Their fine netty yarns and burnt colours are perfect to show off your sun-kissed “super body!” When you wear them it’s just like being naked- they will be a great friend on my next holiday.

Most pieces are enhanced with recycled mirrored sunglass lenses cut into special shapes and motifs. Again, I can so very much imagine the sun reflecting on them and causing quite a stir at the beach bar.

I love Vivienne’s sense for yarns and what she does with them- Thanks darling. Your Andreas x