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Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, Spring/Summer 2011 at Paris Fashion Week

THE ONLY ONEBullet points are a good way of setting out your ideas:

• Our planet, GAIA, is the only one we have.
• The present is always the present moment of the past.
• We understand the present through past culture which is always present.
• The more or less successful modern attempt to abandon the past has left the past, present and future frail and thin. We have lost touch with ourselves.
• I have had this sentence in my mind for some time, “The Art Lover and the Lost Generations”. Only the art lover stays in touch.
• As I worked on the collection I thought of lost civilizations. They lasted longer than post-Colombian America and disappeared quite quickly. You see they couldn’t change their habits.
• Cut off from the past there is only the same opinion.
• Cut off from the past there is only habit.
• The present collection is an extraction of some past essence, things that occurred to me as I chose fabrics and worked on cuts. Markers of different views of life, from people who saw the world differently from us. Arbitrary things – Tutenkamen, little girls who were exposed on the mountains in Peru, waiting to marry the sun, Matisse, Comedia Dell’ Arte, Noh Theatre, Ballet.
• I like particularly the heart dresses. They touch the body but also the ambient air (a little). They make space for the beautiful woman. So anyway there are touches of historical things, new cuts, my typical cuts and all with the idea of “buy less, choose well, wear it over and again and have fun with your own ideas”.
• PS: I am not depressed. But we must stop climate change.

Leonard Peltier is innocent.

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